Kashmir Conflict

Women as the worst sufferers of conflict: An under-scrutinised issue Excerpts from my diary that will never be found I was 5 years old and they began teaching me rules I wouldn’t understand. My brother went out to play and I was made to do the chores. “Learn how to do it properly my dear, […]

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Locked down 25 years ago

A million dreams murdered by entrenched tradition: Story of an Indian housewife While the whole house is asleep, she wakes up at 5 am daily, goes outside to sweep the yard and comes back in time to prepare tea for her husband. Her full-time unpaid job of taking care of four people begins now. Running […]

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Money Heist (Part 4)

The Inescapable Drama Money Heist or La Casa de Papel first released in 2017, is a Spanish hit with four parts of eight to nine episodes in each. A Spanish crime drama based on robbery, Money Heist part 4 is an original idea by writer, a former journalist and creator Alex Pina, streaming eight episodes […]

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Indians and Grades

Nobody ever climbed a mountain by studying how to do it. They built their toolkit merely with passion and sheer perseverance.So, don’t let exams decide your future, your future is now, every second and minute of it!My heart goes out to all those who didn’t ace their exams and are hesitant to celebrate just as […]

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Disney Heat Cools Down

We are With You Disney! Local businesses come out in support of the Disney store in Dublin Amidst raging comments of the general public on the Disney controversy, local businesses have come out in support of Disney’s want to install security gates. The Disney controversy may be cooling down as local businesses have now come […]

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Your idea of Caffeine.

What’s your go to device for a quick adrenaline rush? Rather, your tranquilizer ? “Nobody can push your limits but you.” Heard and said ’twas. Until you found out your right course. Cried, crumpled as you gather yourself up ; An urge to shed it all covers up. A soothing voice that knows the swirl […]

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